October 03, 2007

In school...

I have not shared much about school this semester but I am having a great experience in baking class. I think I have totally found my niche. We have had about four weeks with yeast and sweet yeast breads. We did cookies and brownies last week and started pies this week. I made my first cream pie last night. Wanta see??? It looks scrummy!!!

It is chilling for Thursday night's class.

I also helped one of my partners put this one together and showed him how to do the top.

So, are you hungry yet? LOL


  1. I love making pies, but I am horrible at making them look pretty - especially the double crust ones!! Those both look delicious!

  2. Good looking pies.

  3. Did you see on W@H I am probably going to be doing a thanksgiving dinner over here in good old England? So I'm going to need a good pie recipe or two.