December 27, 2007

Doing some research...

I have made it one of my new goals to do more in the way of eating locally and eating vegetarian. The problem I have when eating vegetarian is that I am also allergic to soy. So, I am doing some research on what I can eat and other alternatives to soy that are out there. I have read about something called seitan that I am interested in. I am going to have to try the recipe here...

I am also looking into healthier foodie blogs that use lots of whole grains, fruits and veggies. I found one today that might be my NEW FAVORITE!!! The lady's name is Dani Spies and she writes about healthy eating and fitness. She has got some great stuff if you have a chance to head over and take a look. A few others sites I have been reading more lately are...

A Veggie Venture

Vegetation Ramblings - another soy allergic foodie

Simple Vegetarian Recipes

Fat-Free Vegan

Next up is a six week plan for eating more healthy into the new year.


  1. Interestingly, a lot of Indians are vegetarian but soy is rarely (if ever) used in typical Indian cooking. It is quite easy to be a vegetarian and not eat soy. Hope you find lots of great recipes for beans and lentils! Good luck :)

  2. Hi Leann, thanks for the love:)
    I just found your site and really enjoy it...I'll be back!