December 31, 2007

New Year's Favorites...

There are a few things that are traditions in our home.
The annual making of the meatballs are quickly
becoming a tradition with our little circle of friends.
I make the meatballs every year, and everyone brings their
specialty for the Christmas Eve spaghetti dinner.

So, these just went into the oven...

While they are baking I will tell you a bit more about our traditions.

For my whole life my Dad has been making black-eyed peas and cabbage.
It was not until I was grown that I found out that was a "Good Luck" tradition.
Since I am not into good luck and such I decided to just keep making them....
well.... because I LOVE them!

So, they are going into the crock pot with a ham bone
from my freezer in mere minutes.

I am also watching Ratatouille with the kids as I am working in the kitchen.
We got two copies for Christmas.
One for my daughter and one for ME!!!

I also got a little late Christmas gift in the mail today.
I bought this for myself....

and this book... that just allows me to dream even more
about traveling and going to school there one summer.

Have I mentioned I am Irish, English and French in my heritage?
I am constantly on a quest to learn more about the foods of my history.
I am also totally enthralled by the concepts taught at Ballymaloe.
They are totally into seasonal ingredients and eating
locally so much that they grow their own produce and raise their own livestock.
So cool!!!

Ok, the meatballs are done...

Have a great New Year's Eve and we will see you next year!!!



  1. What, no meatball recipe???


  2. Leann darling, happy new year to you and the family!