January 05, 2008

A little vegetarian eating...

Yesterday was the first day I did all vegetarian. There has just been too much sharing of meals and Dan cooking for me to be able to do it sooner. When he cooks there is meat and I am not rocking the boat on making go even MORE out of his comfort zone by making me a separate meal. He is NOT that comfortable in the kitchen to begin with and then to have to be a short order cook and chef on top of that.... not good. So, I have politely enjoyed the bits of turkey in my veggie and barley soup and the bits of ground beef in my spaghetti sauce and such. No harm no foul.... no pun intended...

Yesterday, I had yogurt, fruit and granola for breakfast. I had black-eyed peas for lunch. Then, he asked me what I thought we should have for dinner and I politely suggested that it would be good to have some sweet potatoes my dad sent, some asparagus that needed to be eaten up before it went bad and then I did get up and move around a bit to make some sweet biscuits for dessert. Here is what we had...

I had walnuts in my potatoes and we roasted the asparagus with a bit of olive oil and a pinch of salt on mine.

These are the sweet biscuits.... nothing fancy but great with a cup of coffee. Just sugar, flour and butter. I used margarine instead because we were out of butter. It makes the texture a little different but they were still good and the kids ate the all up before bedtime.


  1. I want all the roasted aparagus you have there on your plate :)

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  2. Yum! Those sound good. I love meatless meals. I am not vegetarian, although I was for over 10 years, but I don't eat much meat - and really I use it more like a condiment for flavor, than the main event.