January 25, 2008

Making more than food....

Told you I am crunchy... a real granola girl most days. Here is a little something I make from time to time with which to wash our clothing.

First, here is the website I got my recipe and information for making my own laundry detergent.

Secondly, before you think I spend all my days making such things I must tell you I made it in the time it took for my French bread loaves to bake - all of 20 minutes!!!

I started with this...

and one of these...

This bucket holds a double recipe of detergent from the site above.

Ignore that yucky floor it got mopped as soon as I was done making the soap.

I grated the Ivory Soap and then added the water and dissolved it on the stovetop.

Then I added the powdered detergents (Borax and Washing Soda)

This is what it looks like dissolved...

Then the water was added to the bucket along with the lavendar oil

Finally I added the last of the water and then it will sit
for 24 hours and I can use it tomorrow afternoon.

It is the consistency of a runny gel substance or an eggdrop soup of sorts.

It works FANTASTIC!!! I won't go back to the storebought stuff.

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