January 01, 2008

New Year Foodie Goals...

Dan and I are eating healthier still in 2008. Over the past few years we have gone whole grain, baked not fried and more organic. He has cut a lot of salt and fat from his diet due to hypertension issues and I have come along willingly with him. He will NOT be giving up meat but I am going to be going more vegetarian in this new year. I feel better when I am not eating such heavy meats and such. I feel better eating organic. I feel better NOT drinking milk and cheese so much. I still eat yogurt. I still love eggs but I am eating more beans, peas, nuts and seeds along with more grains and of course, fruits and veggies in abundance. I am experimenting and working on getting the meat out over the next 6 weeks and then making a plan from there. I am not against eating meat. I believe God created animals... certain animals for human consumption. I just don't believe He intended for us to eat as much as the average American eats. I still love chicken and fish. I might indulge in small portions of that along the way. Anyway, the only meat product I am planning on for today is the hambone that is flavoring my black-eyed peas.

I wanted to share this video and site with you, too. I LOVE Dani Spies!!! She has a great site and great energy and excitement about what she is doing. I think you will like her, too.

New Year Video

Dani Spies site

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  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Have you seen Dr. McDougall's site? You might be interested in some of his recipes (whole grain, no meat, etc.)