January 03, 2008

Some new direction...

I have a new design on it's way! I am so excited about it and it is so very beautiful!!! I also have some ideas for some blogging direction. I am still recovering and had a bit of a setback but I am hoping in the next week to be getting back into my kitchen on a regular basis. It has been about a month since I have really been able to do much. That is NOT good for someone who gets their therapy from cooking. LOL

I find that as soon as I make a plan I often deviate from it but I do want to try to have a monthly theme and start trying a new recipe from one of my many cookbooks several times a week. I want to take part in some Weekend Cookbook Blogging and do some more FOODIE CHALLENGES. I will have to think about that a bit and decide where to start. I think the theme might need to be soups this month because that is my most recent batch of cravings and maybe chocolate for February.

Speaking of soups Dan made a really great vegetable and barley soup tonight for dinner. It was so nourishing and healing... He can really cook when he wants to or needs to. He has done amazing while I have been out of commission.

I want to do some more fun things and share a bit more from school than I have. I am only taking one culinary course this semester. The second class I am taking is an online accounting class so I only have to be at school two days a week. I am hoping that will give me more time to be home and cook for my family and friends as well as do more "foodie" reading. I need the time to continue healing from this recent surgery. I have some non-cookbook reads lined up. I also want to do some more cookbook reviews but that requires that I cook more from them than I have been. LOL I am going to start by trying more vegetarian things from some recent purchases.

Look what my MOM got me for Christmas, btw...

a subscription to...

Here are some reads I want to sink my teeth into that are currently on my shelves

Here are some books I hope to get as gifts this year because I am on a book buying freeze!!! LOL

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