February 23, 2008

Got this in the mail today...

The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge starts on Monday and this is my guide to a healthier diet which includes ideas for smoothies and ways to get more greens in my diet. I am looking forward to this very much and have been playing with smoothies over the last couple of days.

In the midst of a houseful of sick children and such this has been one of our "medicines" of choice to fight this and keep up vitamins and nutrients in children that have, otherwise, not felt like eating very much. It has helped greatly to add this to our diet already and I am feeling more focused and energetic as I go along.

I hope to keep a record of the month here along with sharing some gardening and vegetarian stuff I am doing in March. I also hope to put more culinary school stuff up but please know that it is NOT healthy stuff... it is, after all, a baking class on pies, tarts, cookies and teacakes. LOL

In addition to the green smoothie I plan on...

* Do some sort of physical activity every day for 15-30 minutes.
* Add a green leafy salad to your lunch or supper.
* Cut out all white sugar. (unless it is minor sampling in class which I HAVE to do but it doesn't have to be a whole cookie... it could be one little bite to make sure they turned out like they should and the recipe does not need to be adjusted) :)

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