February 04, 2008

Love Quinoa...

Dani Spies is doing a whole month on Quinoa. This is a great grain and I have been using it more since I have gone more vegetarian. Cooks like rice or couscous and is a great grain as well as a great source of protein. Thought you might like the intro video from Dani...

And for Wilm and others... Yes, I am going to do a whole post on granola and my basic recipe. I also have a business site up now if you want to check out what I am doing IRL... See the right side for the link. :)

Thanks for reading!!!


  1. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Where's the link on the right hand side?? Keen to have a peek!

    Cheers, Wilm

  2. It's Leann's Home-Based Business... :) It is so good to hear from you Wilm!

  3. While I've heard a lot about it, I have never had this grain before.