February 25, 2008

The Voyage Begins...

I actually started playing around with recipes last week once I found out about the Green Smoothie Challenge.

In the midst of this we have all had the flu in our house and I finally gave into it yesterday and went to bed. I have been offering the children smoothies to supplement their calorie and nutrient intake since they have been sick. The standard length of this particular flu thing is about 1.5 to 2 weeks. I have been astounded that the kids have been up and moving again in about 4-5 days. They are still weak somewhat but the fevers have broken and the worst of it has passed for them.

As the children were sick I was building my immunity with my standard echinacea/goldenseal tea once a day, green tea as I could drink it and the green smoothies (16-20 ounces a day). After only two days of being down I am feeling so much better today with no fever at all.

So now, the official voyage starts today. I will drink at least a 16 ounces smoothie each day and every couple of days I will report on how this whole/raw food change is changing me. I will share my favorite recipes along the way, too. Two of them are already up from last week. Banana/Strawberry/Kale and Apple/Peach/Romaine/Kale combo

Obviously I am not starting my exercise regime today because I am still recovering but as soon as I am back on my feet fully that begins, too. Oh, and I start reading Green for Life today, too.

This is still my foodie blog so you will see some more "spring" things coming and some more culinary school stuff, too.

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