March 17, 2008

I ADORE peasant food...

Most countries peasant food is the thing to eat if you want to experience the country at it's finest. When Dan traveled overseas in college he often stopped at the local shops to pick up the local fare. I think it is important to eat what the local do best. I would not buy cornbread in Washington DC (believe me they don't know how to make it). They had no idea what black eyed peas were when we were there either. LOL When I am in Memphis I buy barbeque and when I am in Louisiana I buy gumbo. I don't buy clam chowder in Arkansas either. You are more likely to really enjoy the food if you eat what they are good at making. I have picked up a few books on Irish food over the years from people who are living there and have been cooking there for their whole life and they are very simple recipes and very comforting foods. I love the foods of Ireland and their charming simplicity and quiet nourishment. We celebrate every year with traditional recipes. Here is our dinner tonight as we celebrated St. Patrick's Day...

A staple
Irish Soda Bread

The beginnings of an Apple Crumble

Lettuce, grapefruit and walnuts (this is more English but we love it)

Not pictured is a nice vegetarian version of split pea soup with vegetable broth and carrots that we started with.

....and we finished with the Apple Crumble...


  1. Leann, every single word in this post is absolutely true and I try always to follow this motto whenever I travel and eat.

    Have a great Easter.

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  3. Ok, so I'm English, but I have never eaten that lettuce, grapefruit and walnut combination!

  4. I agree about eating what's local -- always the best way to go, not to mention new taste sensations!