May 16, 2008

The kindness of others...

It has come to my attention that I have been awarded the Excellent Blog award by I would just like to say thank you for thinking of me. I am honored to have been thought of so kindly. :)

My role at this juncture is to now choose to pass it along to some of my favorite excellent bloggers. Some of these may have already received the award and I apologize for duplications of any kind but these are, in my opinion, excellent blogs.

One Weigh or Another - a weight loss blog packed with encouragement, challenges and great food ideas.

Blog From Our Kitchen - Family food blogging

Happy Foody - Raw and Vegetarian adventures

The Left Over Queen - just one of my favorite foodies

Vegetation Ramblings - soy free vegetarian... and since I am allergic to soy I love her!!!

Andrea's Recipes - lovely delicious food with a sustainable twist.

Tastes Like Home - Beautiful lady, beautiful food and beautiful blog.

The rules are (and I have copied them word for word from Retro-Foods)...

1. You are supposed to go choose 10 blogs of any kind that you deem most excellent (I don’t mind if you pick a few more or less than ten, BTW, but ten is the official number from what I gather).

2. Oh, and you are supposed to post about them, linking to me and to them;

3. And please let me know when you have done it! Thanks!


  1. Wow!! I'm honoured. Thank you!


  2. Thank you, I'm touched! I'll let you know when I've chosen my recipients.


    You are just too kind! :)