May 02, 2008

The latest....

I have been taking lots of pictures and I finished my baking practical so I thought you might like to see some of what I have been up to...

Some stuff from my own kitchen...

homemade pasta

Chicken Parmegiano

dinner on Monday of this week... Chili Rellenos, millet and salad

Photo finish to my pastry class...

Tart, Linzer Torte, Genoise and Raspberry Jam Torte, Chocolate cream pie, English tea cookies, Vegetarian Quiche and a pastry shop creation (tasted great looked... iffy... LOL)


  1. Oh Leann!
    Everything looks so wonderful!
    I sure wish we lived close, I'd be right over for dinner!
    Seriously, you do such a beautiful job with all your cooking & baking.
    Just wonderful!

  2. Thanks so much Jane! :)

  3. My, you've been busy and everything looks great!

  4. You have been up to quite a bit haven't you young lady :)

  5. WOW. Can I come live with you! You've been so busy! I've always wanted to make homemade pasta, but I'm so intimidated!