July 28, 2008

Vacation 2008... Silver City, NM

This is a touristy little town with some fun things to do and see. We stopped in at a yarn shop, a food coop, an herb shop and a used bookstore and they had several food places including this little vegetarian deli...

While I was here I got a sampler plate with a fruit salad, hummus and flax seed crackers and a raw coleslaw. This whole plate was raw and pretty yummy. I must say that I like my coleslaw better, though. The flax seed crackers were the best. We also sampled a raw vegetarian pizza.

This was the herb shop and it had everything but eye of newt in it! LOL

I picked up a sampler of hemp and a little paper that talked about using hemp in a variety of ways and I got some whole nutmeg, which is hard to find where we live. I loved this shop.

...and here is the little Food Coop run by the participants of the community.

Next up is camp food... :)

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