October 02, 2008

Still baking TONS of bread...

We have been making some great breads at school. I can honestly say that I would rather use my pastry degree for baking bread much more than decorating cakes. I love baking all kinds of things but I don't enjoy the decorating of cakes nearly as much as making yummy baked goods like yeast and quick breads and cakes, teabreads, cookies. The whole frosting and decorating part is just not my thing as much as the baking part.

This past week I made a 9 grain bread and an olive loaf with my team. Our team is great and is starting to really work well together. I am getting to be a whiz at the baker's percentages, too. It is a bit confusing at first but is making great sense to me now. :)

Here are some more yummy photos...

This is the 9 grain.... it was AMAZING!!!

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