November 10, 2008

400 posts and counting...

Yesterday's post was #400... I am wondering if anyone is even reading anymore! LOL I have posted solid for a week+ and only one person commented. I think I got people used to me not being here. I am sorry I have neglected this blog so much. It really is my passion but I have just been so crazy busy that I have not given it adequate time. I promise to keep trying to do better... I owe some recipes to some friends who have inquired and hope to get those up for you guys in the next day or so. I have a big project due by Thursday and some smaller stuff due tomorrow but by the weekend I hope to slow just a bit for a few days. I do have some school stuff coming...

* Bake Off
* Dinner for a local church as a thank you for supporting our scouting programs
* A dinner for a charity organization
* Thanksgiving weekend
* Finals are coming and projects are due

Recipes I will be sharing...

* Pumpkin bread
* Potato Rosemary Bread
* Pullman Loaf
* Cheddar Onion Bread


  1. Happy 400th!
    I'm here lately, reading, but lurking mostly.

  2. Anonymous8:47 PM

    here, reading, not commenting. BAD ME
    love you so!