November 21, 2008

I am suppose to be doing breads this semester...

but yesterday I got in on some candy making and it was SO MUCH FUN! Wanta see???

Chai Tea Truffles

Making Cordial Cherries...

Melted fondant goes on first and then let it harden. They were dipped in a little powdered sugar to keep them from sticking to the parchment paper while they dried.

This is the chocolate that I tempered yesterday... SO FUN!!!

The fondant cherries are dipped in and then placed on little chocolate disks to harden.

These are the finished product (these are actually the leftover ones we got to sample...)

The chocolate hardened nicely...

The next step would be to let them sit for about a week and then they inject some kind of special enzyme to make that "runny" cherry effect when you bite into them. We will see in about a week... :)

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