December 16, 2008

Boy Scout Snacking...

We recently had our Popcorn fund raiser. I love the Kettle Corn microwaveable popcorn that I get through them. Nearly every kernel pops with their product and I love that, too. So, tonight, after a very long day of working and driving and just being with people we are settling in to watch an old Spaghetti Western called DJango and we are enjoying some Kettle Corn Popcorn and hot tea with it. Now, that is crunchy and culinary and just plain YUM!!!

Thought I would also share a fun link for you if you are looking for some Christmas baking recipes for goodies and snacks. has been a staple in our holiday baking search for recipe every year. There are classic candy recipes and lots of new things to try, too.

Check out Mrs. Santa's Kitchen Cookbook

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