January 23, 2009

13 Ways to Celebrate...

National Pie Day!!!

* Bake a pie

* Go out for pie with friends and family

* Brainstorm a new twist on an old pie recipe

* Share a pie recipe with a friend

* Buy a pie cookbook

* Enter a pie contest

* Have a pie throwing event with your family

* Share your favorite pie memory

* Host a pie bake-sale to earn money for a favorite charity

* Instead of a cookie swap... have a PIE SWAP and get together with friends to share pies and recipes... make sure there is coffee and hot tea involved and a bucket of ice cream for those a la mode slices.

* Teach a friend how to make a pie crust... and then use it to fill with their favorite pie filling.

* Bake a savory pie for dinner and then a dessert pie for afterward... make it a full pie day!

* Research the history of the pie and use it as a homeschool lesson or just a fun activity with the kids.... create pie crafts and activities to go with it and make a day of it. Must include making mini pies for each child so they can make one for themselves.

Check out some of my favorite pies - under the category of PIE!

Some pie articles...

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* National Pie Day - Holiday!

* Pie Council.org

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  1. My favorite pie story is documented here - http://chezlafleurinmanhattan.blogspot.com/2008/10/oh-crap.html
    Hope all your pies come out better than this one did :)