January 06, 2009

Another option for menu planning...

I shared yesterday about one way I have menu planned. Another way I have used when our budgets are very tight is to check the local sale circulars and then build menus around what is on sale. I will alter my menu if I find a fantastic deal on something once I get to the store, too. How this would work using my current fliers...

This week drumsticks are on sale for 10lb for $10.00... I would make my drumsticks with orange juice and cayenne pepper with this.

There are also bell peppers on sale so I would get those for stuff bell peppers or for fixings for pizza and salad or stir-fry.

Pork is on sale... many varieties so I might purchase some chops for a chops and rice dish with applesauce or a pork loin for a Sunday treat.

a variety of fruits on sale would warrant smoothie ingredients and maybe a fruit salad.

Potatoes would be lovely for chowder or a Salad Nicoise.

Eggplant would bring a luscious ratatouille or an eggplant parmesan.

See how this works?

You can also buy to freeze for several weeks meals like ground beef or turkey...

this would bring meatballs or meatloaf or filling for those stuffed bell peppers or any variety of casserole of pot pie.

All this to say don't forget the flyers when you are making your meal plans. :)

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