May 07, 2009

Finished the Pastry Practicals...

Our Mexican Breads Class with all our baskets of bread we made for finals

My personal basket of all that I made last night (I am hoping to do those posts for you guys to show you all the different kinds we did this semester - hang on... I am almost done for the semester) :)

Me with my finished basket! :)

My plated dessert - a deconstructed Buttermilk Pie...

Things I could have done better were using a simple syrup on the fruit instead of powdered sugar, use an element to tie the other elements together somehow and use a white chocolate component. The powder on the plate is nutmeg, btw... :) I could have also done more of a Linzer cookie, which is actually what I had originally intended, and then put the candied lemon rind on top of the fruit instead. I will keep tweaking this plating.


  1. Do those ever look yummy! Would love to learn mexican breads...but that's not going to happen anytime soon in northern WI!

  2. Oh honey, I am thrilled for you. How are you?

    Hearty congratulations!

    I love that your blog is featuring a favourite colour combo of mine - pink and brown with sliver!