July 23, 2009

Julia Child...

The fact that Julia started her passion for food and cooking so late in life is just wonderful to me seeing that I started culinary school at 39 years old. She is so inspiring to me because of her outlook on life, her late start and her utter joy for what she did. She was such an encourager of enjoying life. Life was to be savored and enjoyed and not rushed through. I am so excited to see this movie that is coming August 7th... not for the Julie Powell aspect but for the opportunity Powell gives us to see Julia Child as she lived and loved and began a lifelong pursuit of the passion she had for food and the way that food enhances a life well lived. Here are some links of interest for those who want to know more about Julia Child...

Julia Child Biography

Julia on PBS

Julia's Kitchen at the Smithsonian - very fun tour online

Video Archive on YouTube

Star Chef.com links...

* Biography
* Cookbooks
* Interview
* Recipes

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