July 18, 2009

When it is too hot to cook...

It has been over 100 for almost 2 weeks during the days here. We live in the desert southwest. If I turn the oven or stove on at all during the day the kitchen becomes unbearable very quickly. This often gives me the challenge of making mostly cold meals in the evenings. It is also too hot to really feel like eating heavy meals either so lighter suppers are a good thing.

I basically made a taco salad tonight. I only had to cook the meat and add some taco seasonings (I make my own mix). Then I cut up lettuce, avocado, tomato, cilantro and grate cheese then we put it all on top of a pile of tortilla chips and top with salsa and then just enjoy a cool summer meal. Add a glass of iced tea and finish off with some fruit and you have a completely satisfying meal without heating up that kitchen. :)

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