August 12, 2009

One more year...

I am starting my last year as a culinary student. I have made a decision to finish up the culinary and hold off on the pastry part. The pastry program is just too new and I feel like I am not getting enough from it. I will have to wait and see whether we are still here in a year anyway for me to complete my last four classes of pastry but if we are not I will catch them somewhere else or work on a nutrition degree somewhere else instead. I have a la carte, saucier, advanced food prep and two semesters of practicum left. I might throw in a catering class in the spring, too. I will walk the stage in May and finish my last class in the summer after that. They don't have a summer graduation so they will let me walk early for pictures and pomp and circumstance. I am ready.... I am focusing solely on finishing this year with only my family being able to come before this. I have dropped all other commitments for this reason.

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  1. Many good wishes and blessings and success in your final year!