August 12, 2009

Why buy it when you can make it - Italian Soda

I recently had an Italian Soda at a local Italian sandwich shop. I decided that it is crazy to spend nearly $4.00 for this when I could make it for pennies at home and have one ANY time we wanted with the kids. Here is all you need...

We happened to have Twist Up but you can use Ginger Ale, 7 Up or Sprite if you want.... just something clear.
Some kind of flavored syrup of your choice. We had raspberry and vanilla and we tried one on Thursday and the other on Friday.
You also need whipping cream unwhipped to add to the beverage and then whipped cream for topping.

Put your flavoring in as much as you like between 2-5 tablespoons or so.
Add soda to fill cup almost full
then add your whipping cream... about 1/4 cup or less if so desired.
Finally, top with a dollop of whipped whipping cream.

I served ours in a chilled glass and we all got a straw to enjoy it with.

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