September 20, 2009

Duck Season...

Actually Dan bought this duck for us almost a year ago and we were cleaning out the freezer and remembered we needed to cook it. LOL So, being inspired lately by Julia Child, I decided to consult the MTAoFC (my trusty and worn 1966 copy - my birth year, too) authority and learned how to roast a duck. I cheated a little because the sauce comes with it to make Caneton a l'Orange (Roasted Duck in an Orange Sauce). Here are the beautifully delicious results...

Started with a Mire poix

Gathered some Rosemary and Thyme from my herb garden

Cut up some oranges for stuffing the bird

Stuffed it all in...

Trussed and ready to cook


Served with whole wheat bread

Orange sauce

on top of the bed of mire poix

My plate!

Tender... juicy... YUM!!!


  1. Oh Duck L'Orange. Fantastic. I've never made it - I tend to make Crispy aromatic duck whenever I have a chance. Looks good www kitchenbutterfly com

  2. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Lady, you are brave! I would love to cook duck but I'm terrified that I'll mess it up and/or overcook it! It looks scrumptious though....definitely inspired! Thanks Mama yet again!