December 12, 2009

Kid Friendly...

While I love making a homemade gingerbread house sometimes there is some relief in knowing you can pick one up and put it together in a matter of an hour or so with the kids in a pinch. My kids love this little Wilton Gingerbread House kit and they can pretty much do the whole thing by themselves while I just snap pictures. They did one this morning....

Everything is pre-baked and the candy and frosting mix is included. I tend to think they do not give you enough Royal Icing mix and I often have to make a little more.

We add our own touch with making the roof using Frosted Shredded Wheat cereal. Sometimes we buy extra candy, too but this year we just used the above.

Royal Icing is the glue and here is my daughter putting the roof on.

Adding the candy

My husband came in and added a little "tree" to it. LOL Somehow asparagus just does not fit here! ;)

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