January 11, 2010

Linky Love and Update

My friend Dana is food blogging now... You can read her at Pescatarian Pleasures

I am coming back soon.... I have lots of stuff to share but just have been focusing on some other things to start the new year. 

I will be eating more gluten free and vegetarian this coming year and I hope my blogging reflects that.  I will still be sharing lots of goodies, too. 

I am heading into my next to last semester in culinary school. 

I have Advanced Cooking Prep and Practicum 1 for culinary this semester and then Practicum 2 culinary and Practicum 1 Pastry in the summer and then I am done... graduating with my associates in culinary and a certificate in pastry. 

I am also taking my ACF certification for my CC in June.  It is winding down quickly.  

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