January 27, 2010

Some goals and reading.....

Today is about starting a business.

I have plans.... BIG PLANS!  LOL

I am graduating by August 2010 with a culinary degree and a pastry certificate.  I will also have my ACF certification by then, too.  I will be an official chef at that point.  I still want to continue with getting a nutrition degree but we MUST be debt free FIRST.

So, this is my passion.... to cook, to bake, to help people with their special dietary needs.  I do NOT want to run a restaurant... or a catering business.  I would LOVE to be a personal chef, to teach classes, to write books and basically just help people eat better.  That is the deepest passion in my spirit...  to help people eat well.  My heros are Ellie Kreiger and Pamela Smith as well as Candy Wallace.

What can I do to help my family financially in the form of a home business while I am trying to get clients?  I can make granola and healthy breads and pastries... I can bake pies and cakes as I need to do that and really advertise... do tons of PR and just put my name and products out there.  Does anyone want to buy a loaf of bread?  ;)

I also have some plans in the works to teach some basic cooking classes to teens and their moms for a local homeschool group.

I have a book from PBS coming called Guerrilla Marketing Excellence by Jay Conrad Levinson

I am also rereading this book

and working through this one...

and one more...

and someday... not in our near future.... I want to own a bed and breakfast.... someday.... *deephappysigh*

So, the reading comes first and then I will put together more of a plan after I graduate from school because my primary goal is finishing school and getting my certification first.


  1. Kellie10:34 AM

    Tell me about your granola.

  2. I can custom design it however you want... with or without coconut or whatever kind of nuts you want or flavor.... blueberry, strawberry, plain... whatever kind of dried fruit you want with raisins or craisins or dried blueberries etc... Just let me know! :)