February 23, 2010

A Great Gluten Free Company...

 I do not typically use prepackaged mixes.  That is not my thing but I know so many of you do want something quick and user friendly.  I have a friend, Angela, who has gotten some products from a company called Mixes From the Heartland.  She passed three mixes along to us and we baked one of them yesterday.  Here are the results....

Here is the packaging... love the sturdy bags they come in.





The texture was FABULOUS.  You can tell it is a bit grainier from the rice flour that was used but as an alternative for something sweet it sure passed my family's test.  They ate every single bite of this stuff AND not one of them is gluten free.   They LOVED it!!!

The pink of the bread is from a dried strawberry powder that is in the mix and it added a wonderful strawberry flavor.  I did not see any dyes or GMO ingredients in the mix at all.  It had no soy or gluten in it at all.  I added three eggs to mix but if you have an egg sensitivity there are probably other options like a flaxseed alternative that you could try.

The other two mixes we have are a microwave brownie mix which I am leaving for my daughter to mix and make while I am away at school this week and a corn meal pancake mix we will probably whip up on the weekend for breakfast.  I will let you know how they turn out.

Thanks Angela for sharing this company with us!!!  :)


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. i've never heard of this brand before -great to know!