February 26, 2010


I got an Amish Bread starter a little over a month ago and have been really making some yummy stuff. My kitchen counter has "experiments" on it. LOL  I have two Amish starters and a sourdough starter going right now.  I started my sourdough with just water, flour and honey to make a "wild yeast" starter.  The idea behind this is that yeast from your kitchen environment gets incorporated into the starter over time.  I figured this would work since I bake bread a lot in my kitchen and I was right.  After about 3 weeks I have a great starter going now and made bread yesterday with some of it.  I stir it every day and about once a week I take some out and "feed" it some new "food"... I add a cup of flour and a cup of fresh water to feed it.  There is a site that I love to visit that has a page of starter information.  It is called TexasCooking.com and the page is Using Starters with Sourdough and Amish Friendship Bread.  The sourdough starter is actually part of the base of the Amish bread starter.

Here is my starter crockery... see the little yeasty bubbles?  That makes me SO HAPPY!!!  LOL 

My beautiful start... the first loaf from the starter.

Just so you know I don't always have perfect food I thought I would share my Sourdough Turkey with you!  LOL  It started well but went a bit nuts in the oven.

For the record... it tasted FANTASTIC!  :)

I have also been doing Amish Bread and here are a few of our favorites...

This one is made with banana cream pudding and chocolate chips.

I have also made one with vanilla pudding and pistachio pudding.  I think pistachio is my favorite so far...



The  next one I want to try is a chocolate chocolate chip.  I will get to in 8 more days!  :)

You can find more information and lots of variations here.

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  1. Very Timely Post. I just put up a starter this morning.
    Looks like(from the pictures) that yours worked really well. I know that each time you make a loaf (and pinh a bit off for a new starter) you get more of the good yeast and less of the undesireable yeast.