March 12, 2010

Counseling with advisor this past week...

This is what is left of my double associates degree...

Spring 2010
·         Chef practicum 1

Summer 2010
·         Chef practicum 2
·         Advanced Bakeshop

Fall 2010
·         Laminated Dough
·         Baking Practicum 1

Spring 2011
·         Advanced Food Prep
·         Baking Practicum 2


  1. seriously trying to figure out this "laminated" dough because my teacher brain can only think of one type of lamination........

  2. LOL... doughs that are layered for flakiness... like crescents, puff pastry, danish rolls, etc... They have layers of fat in-between dough to make that texture and flakiness you get in these types of pastries.

  3. The end is in sight! Good luck honey.