May 21, 2010

Changing the name...

I am still crunchy but I have been really thinking about a name change for quite some time.  I am not sure this one is the final change but for now it will do.  I want to focus more on family meals and home cooking.  The Family Style theme is a way of serving in many restaurants and it is what we do at home.  It is the act of serving everything in large bowls on the table and then everyone takes from those bowls and serves their plates.  The tradition in our home is that once you take a serving you pass the bowl to the left and keep the bowls going around until everyone has what they want on their plate.  I often serve the littlest ones, though.  LOL  Just to make sure they get a bit of veg and green along the way. 

For as far back as I can remember that is how food has been served here in my home, in my in-laws home, and in my Meemaw's home.  At my childhood home we often served from the stove and took our plates to the table but it was still very family style in it's method with the counter being full of delicious looking bowls and pots of food. 

As I get closer to graduation I have been thinking about who I am as a cook and what kind of work I want to do.  I really feel a pull toward personal chef responsibilities and nutritional counseling.  I would love to teach people how to cook for their families.  I would also love to run a bed and breakfast at some point in my life.  This is all geared toward families and eating together so a family table theme is appropriate as well.

As I take this new theme and run with it I hope to share the food of our lives... of our family... of our circle of friends.  We are a church family... a scout family... a family with teens and small children... a family of special dietary needs... and I hope to share all of that with you as well as memories of food that have impacted me and my family along the way.  All the archives will stay because so much of it is just us and what we love.  I will still share books and cookbooks, recipes, photos, tools of the trade, setting a table, aprons I love, etc...  Not much is changing but I have a little better focus for my sake in doing this.  I hope you enjoy the changes and if there is ever something you would like to see, please feel free to let me know.

UPDATE... I found the name I want... it is from a book off of my shelf and now I won't change it again unless I find that someone else has this already.  SOME DAYS THERE'S PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  Still family in nature... still food from our every day lives.... and some days there will be pie...  ;)

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