May 31, 2010

New Job...

I am not sure I mentioned it but I might have... I am working for someone now as an apprentice of sorts.  I get school credit and LOTS of great experience in things I really love doing.  I am working for a caterer/personal chef named Aida Samaniego.  She is quite talented.  Here are the highlights of my first weekend working for her...

We made a Panamanian menu and these are the Empanadas.

a salad of greens, olive, orange, red onion and a lovely orange vinaigrette (made by me)  :)

We also had a root vegetable gratin, pork loin cooked in a pineapple/papaya juice and a rice with tomato, onion, etc...

Sunday morning I got to make a lovely orange/cranberry scone recipe

Here is the pastry work area where I got to work on Sunday

and the view to the rest of the kitchen from the pastry area.  :)

Loving my new job!!!

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