July 07, 2010

All in a day...

Green smoothie with spinach, banana, apple and pear

A taco salad made from stuff in the fridge... cherry tomatoes cut in half, leftover grilled pork chop cut into cubes, avocado, red leaf lettuce, tortilla chips, red onion, cheddar jack cheese, and Catalina dressing (or you could use salsa if you like)

I also got a box of samples in the mail today from Indian Harvest.  This is a great grain and bean place... so much beautiful variety!!!

This box of samples has Farro

and Aztec Blend rice and lentils

For dinner we had steak, roasted corn, cantaloupe and a little something I put together from inspiration that came from a dish I tried at a local restaurant called RIPE

I recently purchased some of the Middle Eastern Coucous (which is much larger than the traditional kind we see here).  I got it at a place called Jerusalem International Food and Grill on the west side of town.  I do love a good specialty foods store!  LOL

With that Couscous I made this...

I cooked the couscous in cranberry juice and water and then I added toasted almonds, craisins, cilantro and salt and pepper to taste.  OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!  I could have eaten a bowl of this by itself for dinner and been a happy person for the remainder of the evening.  I might try it next time with some red onion, too.  Very tasty!!!

So, that is what I eat in a typical day... healthy, affordable and all made with love!  :)

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