July 03, 2010

A Catered Brunch...

Mixed greens with walnut and mandarin orange.
This is served with a blueberry vinaigrette.

Chicken I grilled the day before but not all the way through... it was just marked and then refrigerated to finish cooking the day of.  Look at those gorgeous grill marks... I am getting some grill practice that I never got in school and I am really loving it!  My husband might not be the lone grill master at our house much longer.  ;)

Quiche made with sun dried tomato and asparagus.

Aida does beautiful fruit platters!

Finished quiche on platter.  I love these square platters that we used!

My grill station where I did the chicken

Setting up for the Baby Shower Brunch

Chicken being finished off in a sauce.  It turned out very moist!

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