July 06, 2010

Got a new grill last week...

So we christened it with grilled pork chops and asparagus.

I used a Carribean Jerk marinade on the pork and it was FABULOUS!!!

We also had a big salad with spring mix greens, craisins, feta cheese, almonds and a raspberry vinaigrette.

and I made a pineapple salsa to go with the pork...

It has...
*   diced pineapple
*diced kiwi
*   diced red onion
*   chopped cilantro
*salt and pepper to taste
*   a smidge of sugar
*   a small amount of chipotle sauce mixed in but not too much if you don't like spicy (or you could leave it out, too, but it is better with!)

we also had roasted red potatoes... a family fave!


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