July 06, 2010


 I had my first experience with cooking plantain this past week.  I have this friend who is Puerto Rican and spent most of his young adult years working around New York in restaurants and cooking with family.  His name is Carlos and he is one of the best, most knowledgeable cooks I know.  He has served our country in the military for the better part of his adult life and now he is training soldiers as a civilian.  That being said, he gives me tips ALL THE TIME in the ways of cooking Puerto Rican Cuisine.  Plantain is the most recent adventurous food I have learned about from him.  He told me to let them get a little more ripe (so they are beautifully ripe above) and then try this...
His method is as follows...

*   cut the plantain about a half inch thick or so at an angle.

*   soak the plantain pieces in a garlic water mixture for a few minutes
*   heat oil in a saute pan while they are soaking
*   take the plantain out of the water and lightly dry and then fry immediately in the hot oil

*   fry them for about 3 minutes or so on each side and remove from the oil
*   take a spoon and smash them flatter and redip them in the garlic water and refry them until golden. 

That is all... I drained mine on paper towels right out of the oil and lightly salted them.

They were FANTASTIC!!! 

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