September 09, 2010

Apple Season...

These came from my Mother-in-law's tree.  I am digging for recipes as I type!  LOL  We have some things to bake in the coming days and I will share as I go.  These are a little more tart and great for making pies, cobblers, tarts, etc...  there may even be a muffin and bread recipe in my near future.  They are a bit too tart, in my opinion, for applesauce but I make natural applesauce with no sugar added.  If I added honey that might work.  I might have to try that!  I love love LOVE APPLE SEASON!!!


  1. We have a tradition of going apple picking on Columbus Day. 2 years ago we found a great orchard that even does a hay ride on Columbus Day if you bring a canned good. So much fun! I can't wait!!

  2. That is fun! The two youngest went over, when they were staying with Buzz and Sarah, to pick apples off Grandma's tree. They LOVED it and will be helping with the recipes as we go, too.