September 11, 2010

An article of note and my personal stand on each...

There is an article out today called 25 Things Chefs Never Tell You.... I enjoyed this very much and thought you might be interested where I stood on these items.  Maybe not but it will be fun to share them.  :)  So, quick... go read the article and then take a gander at mine if you are so inclined.

Chefs are pickier than you think.
This is true true true.... I hate liver and onions (together) and will not touch Tofu, oysters, gizzards, anything having to do with entrails, tongue or other organ meat.  YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!  LOL  I am also picky about how things are cooked... this is why I choose not to eat out much.  I like my own cooking better in most cases.  That is just how I roll.  
Still, chefs hate picky eaters.
THIS DRIVES ME INSANE!!!!  If I go to the trouble to make it I want someone to like it!  LOL  It also hurts my feelings if someone does not like something I put a lot of effort into.  
When eating out in other restaurants, chefs say they avoid pasta and chicken.
I love that someone said they want to eat something they cannot make for themselves!  SO TRUE!!!  I sit in a restaurant with Dan telling him how much it REALLY costs to make something and then refuse to order things that are WAY overpriced.  I am SO THIS WAY!!!
Chefs have expensive taste.
I fall in line with this one, too....  I always want expensive ingredients and quality food.  I only shop at certain places and will pour over the produce and meat sections until I find the best one in the store.  I will try to buy things on sale but some things are just worth it to me to pay a little more.  I cannot help myself when it comes to wanting great taste despite the crazy price.  Blue Bell ice cream is this kind of thing for me... there is NO OTHER ice cream on the market that is THAT GOOD!!!  I will splurge for it and that drives my husband CRAZY!!!  LOL
...and yet they like fast food.
No... not so much.  I have pretty much given up every fast food with the exception of ONE SINGLE THING.... When I am in New Mexico I MUST HAVE a Green Chili Burger from Blake's Lottaburger... MUST.HAVE.THE.BURGER!!!
Critics trump movie stars in the VIP pecking order.
I would have to say I would probably be this way...  someone judging my food is more important than someone out to be the center of attention every time.  LOL
Roaches are more common than you think.
You know, and I am being totally honest... I have not seen a that many roaches either in school or at work.  We run a pretty tight clean ship in both.  My boss and I are are cleanies at work and don't ever leave a messy kitchen.... EVER!  
Only 13% of chefs have seen a cook do unsavory things to a customer’s food.
Your bread basket might be recycled.
No, not where I have worked but it might go home to my kiddos.  LOL  Not the eaten off of pieces but if they are not touched we are not picky!  
Chefs work hard for low pay.
YOU KNOW IT!!!  No one I know is making six figures or even high 5 figure incomes in this industry.  Only the top chefs make any livable wage and most others barely make ends meet.  That is the nature of the industry.... it is mostly hard grunt work and not much head work so it does not pay.  The thing that keeps me in it is that I love serving people.... it is the hospitality gift in me and I am not just about the job but about the ministry and service aspect so it works for me.  Plus it makes me TOTALLY HAPPY to feed people things they love.  TOTALLY!!!

“Vegetarian” is open to interpretation.
NOT WHERE I WORK IT ISN'T!!!  We pride ourselves on keeping things pure... vegetarian means vegetarian, vegan means vegan and gluten free means gluten free.... that is how we roll!
Paying for a last-minute reservation probably won’t work.
First come first serve baby!!!  
Menu “specials” are often experimental dishes.
or trying to get rid of ingredients that have been around almost too long... not where I am but at some places I have eaten.  The instructors at school say this is true all over. 
The appropriate tip is 20%... 
I pretty much tip 20% on everything... my husband, bless him, thinks 15% is plenty and we will invariably have this conversation every time we go out... These people are already making nothing so I think we should tip better than 15% every time.  
...unless the service is really poor.
I agree...
That rule about not ordering fish on Sunday might be worth following.
True... don't do it!  LOL
Chefs hate working on New Year’s Eve more than any other holiday.
I honestly don't like working any holidays but with catering we have that out.  We just don't take jobs on holidays so we can be with our families.  My boss is the mom of three children and I am the mom of four so we TOTALLY agree on this one.  
They secretly want to be Alton or Giada.
I don't want to be them but I sure would love to apprentice with Alton Brown and if I weren't married I might flirt with him, too.  LOL  Giada... nope... no thanks.  
Chefs cook when they’re sick.
because if you don't go to work you lose your job... someone can replace you in an instant so most people suck it up and go to work... me included.  
The five-second rule actually applies.
I DO NOT PICK FOOD UP OFF THE FLOOR AND COOK IT AT WORK.  I will wash it if it is washable at home but NEVER AT WORK!!!!  EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!
Your waiter is trying to influence your order.
Yep.... ;)
Restaurants mark up wine by a lot more than you might expect.
Drinks in general are the biggest money makers in any food business.  The mark-up is HUGE on drinks.  I ALWAYS ORDER WATER... ALWAYS!!!  
There’s a reason so many restaurants serve molten chocolate cake.
It is popular... one of those trendy things to be sure but it is also really delicious if made right!  LOL  YUM!!!

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