September 26, 2010

Autumn Sunday Dinner

When I was growing up Sunday Dinner was a HUGE deal in my house.  It was the one day one day of the week where we made SURE we all came together and sat down to eat a meal together... and then watch the Dallas Cowboys play!  LOL  We would go to church and then come home to delicious smells of pot roast and veggies or Meatloaf and macaroni and cheese with veggies.  I have wanted to do this in my home for a long time and make a nice setting and lovely food and just enjoy our Sundays quietly together.  We would often finish with an afternoon nap.  We have gone to Dan's parents for a long time and honestly, I am ok with NOT going every week.  I enjoy coming home and being together as just our little family.  These people...  my husband and kids.... are my favorite people on the planet and I just like my time alone with them.  So, today we got to be here at home and enjoy this meal together....

Pork loin cooked in cranberries and the sauce is in the background there.

 Plated lunch with pork, Israeli couscous and green beans

 Spring Mix with a homemade vinaigrette and feta cheese

Dark Chocolate brownies with homemade whipped cream

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  1. there you go with the feta again........