September 04, 2010

Baking Day at work...

Gluten Free Vanilla Pound Cake

From this lovely little book!

See...  :)

Regular Pound Cake for Wednesday night's dinner at the church where I work.

Paco made the overnight dinner rolls... these are very easy and very delicious!!!  One of my faves!

I did a Carrot Herb bread that I had done while I was taking the Breads and Rolls class with Chef Lugo... again... one of my faves!  :)

Here is the crumb...

Also made a sour cream coffee cake recipe - the topping goes in the middle on this one as the filling instead.  YUM!!!

Not sure I love this recipe... these turned out more like brownies but they would be nice with a buttercream frosting and some pistachios sprinkled on top.  :)  I TOTALLY followed the recipe to the letter on this one, too.  I think I would use a different recipe next time for the chocolate pistachio muffins.  Live and learn....  ;)


  1. What a lovely God-honoring site. My daughter-in-law is having gluten insensitivities so I am trying to learn about baking gluten free. Thanks for your recipes.

  2. Kellie10:58 AM

    Do you have a glueten free pound cake you could sell me Leann and if so how much. You could bring it to me on Tuesday. Let me know hun!

  3. How gluten free do you need it? I have trace amounts of wheat in my rice flour because it is for my experimenting at home with rice flour recipes. I mill it in my wheat mill so there is still trace amounts in it.