September 20, 2010

Future Pursuits...

I had a conversation with the guy in charge at school recently... Chef Webb.  He has this knack for really coming to the very heart of an issue.  I appreciate that about him, greatly.  I went into his office with my little script about what I needed to say and then I knew... once that was out on the table then I would just let him talk.  He is also very "thorough" in his expression of ideas and opinions.  LOL  But that is charming to me and so it was fine.  I like a person who knows there mind and who knows there subject matter and am totally willing to just sit and soak that up.  I soak well...  ;)

The whole thing started with my desire to express that I had NO desire, whatsoever, to work in a restaurant or to own a restaurant.  I think that has been pretty obvious from the beginning of this whole process.  I needed to say it out loud to him, though, and he was not surprised one bit.  He has noticed, as have I, that it is too stressful for me to be in that "Hell's Kitchen" environment.  It is not something that feeds my spirit. Oh, I can do it but I don't LOVE it.  It does not light my fire, so to speak.  Once I laid that out on the table we were ready to discuss what I COULD do well.

He began to talk about my strengths and we came up with a list of things...

*I tend to be more organized and things like running the commissary or organizing the kitchen, inventory stuff, etc... is where I have really shined.
*good at putting pen to paper - my journals are always thorough and fun to read
*cooking and baking skills are all intact and I am very qualified in those areas
*catering is a positive thing that I could do well and have THOROUGHLY enjoyed my time with Aida
*personal chef is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY - I do this daily at home already and could easily get paid a nice salary doing this for others
*run a church or business culinary department (which I am loving where I work now)
*own and run a bed and breakfast
*teach cooking classes
*write articles on food and maybe a cookbook or books of my own
*furthering my education in food science and working for a company in the food science department
*nutrition and food combination of skills would open TONS of doors for me in school districts and nursing homes or businesses

Lots of options and these were just my favorites out of what we talked about.  Now, after the meeting, he gave me an assignment.  Between now and my graduation date I am making a 1 year, 5 year and 10 year plus plan for where I want to be and what I want to have accomplished.  I am making a notebook of all my experiences in culinary school and a resource of recipes I gathered along the way.  I am including my journals I had to do for each class and some other stuff I have learned in my time with Aida at the internship.  Next semester I have 10 weeks of restaurant service and then I am graduating with honors.  I will also stay on and work with Aida for pay after my internship.  We are working out the details after I get back from my parents home in between semesters.

There is SO much to learn still and I want to make time to go to workshops and take extra classes and go to conventions as I am able.  I love that I was able to have that conversation with Chef Webb.  He has been a great mentor for me along the way and I appreciate that about him.  He takes time to talk with students which is rare in our world today.

I also hope, along the way, to make this blog bigger and better and full of great stuff for you guys.  That will take a plan, too, and I am working on that along with the other stuff.

As my friend Nattie always said... "Onward and Upward..."  this is a great adventure indeed!!!

Oh, and here is a little article that inspired me today...

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