November 25, 2010

Foodie Fiction...

I have been searching for foodie books lately and a friend recently sent me this book...

What a fabulous story!  The premise is that Lillian, the restaurant owner of this little place in a small town, has a cooking class that she offers.  It draws this cast of characters from a variety of backgrounds and tells their stories.  It is beautifully done!  Loved it very much and want to say thank you to Cathie Jo for sending it to me!!!  :)  Check it out for yourself if you get the chance.  It is delicious!  

1 comment:

  1. This seems like an interesting book. I'm curious to read it. I will try to find it in our local bookstore. Thanks for sharing this. This is just in time coz I just finished two lipsticks and a lover and now I'm looking for a new book to read.