November 02, 2010

Officially a hired foodie...

I got hired last week at the catering business that I have been working for with my practicum.  I will be working at least 20 hours a week.  Sometimes more.... the last two weeks I pulled two 40+ hour weeks at work.  This week is much lighter.  I did take pictures and make soups in the month of October and still plan on sharing all of that with you... along with even more we plan on eating this month.  :)  I love soup season!!!

Here are some photos of stuff we have been making at work...

Lemon bars with raspberry

Euphoria Cake

One of our salads we did for a church dinner for 250+ people


Cabbage rolls - vegetarian style

More lemon and raspberry treats

Euphoria bites for a cocktail event

A white cake with a pecan and caramel filling

roasted pear and walnut salad with a maple vinaigrette

More cake shots

Another Euphoria for a party of 12


  1. Congrats on the hire Leann!

  2. You done a good job leann and congrats for getting hired.All of your preparation was so amazing and a healthy food.