May 07, 2011

Raw Food Basics Workshop...

 I spent the day with the Raw Food Rules Team
 We started the day with a lecture session with lots of information on eating raw and why it is good for us to make changes even if they are small and over time.

 Then we learned about wheatgrass and it's amazing benefits and how to grow our own

 Then we used an extractor to get wheatgrass juice

 it is recommended to have from 1 ounce a day if you are healthy to about 4 a day if you are fighting things such as cancers and chronic illnesses.

The second session was on making nut milks.  This one was almond.  Then we learned about using the leftover pulp to make nut cheeses or flours for raw desserts.  Here is the lump of almond left after making the milk...

 The next session was a recipe session where we saw a zucchini "pasta" and marinara sauce being made and then we got to enjoy our demo foods

The assistant showed us how to do the zucchini in a spadoodle machine to make it look like pasta.

We also had a quick discussion about Kumbucha and then samples.  This was FABULOUS!!!

Our second recipe was a taco salad 

with a walnut "meat" mixture made using cumin and coriander with walnuts that had been soaked and then dried in a dehydrator to activate the enzymes in the nuts.

It was served over a "tortilla round" made by pureeing frozen/thawed organic corn and adding a little salt and cracked black pepper and then dehydrating it until crispy.

I think this one was my favorite meal item of the day... YUM!!!


We ended the day by seeing the instructor demo a use for the almond paste flour from the milk that was made earlier.  She ground it in the food processor and made it into a raw cupcake with a cashew cream frosting on top.  We enjoyed them with our vanilla almond milk as our final dessert before heading out.  

We had a great time and delicious food and came away feeling energized and rejuvenated.  I am looking forward to more workshops in the future here.  I think we have a "cheese and fermentation" session coming in the summer.  I will share more if we do...


  1. Hi! I'm new to this blog - found you via and loved this post!

    I'm intruiged by raw food, but it'd be such a huge life change.

    I'd like to start getting wheatgrass into my diet though!

    Do you need lots of fancy machines to be able to extract the juice?


  2. That taco tortilla looks delicious!!