June 06, 2011

Mango Salsa...

or Pineapple Salsa... I make them the same but use either pineapple or mango that is in season.  The above photo is the pineapple version.  I don't use exact measurements for this.  I make until I love it and then eat it on chips or pork or chicken or whatever I feel like eating it on.  

Start with your main ingredient... pineapple or mango

then add to that

red onion


lime juice

kiwi or strawberry

small amount of chopped chipotle peppers (I buy the canned chipotle for this and use it sparingly unless you like lots of heat)

add a little honey or agave nectar

salt and pepper to taste


  1. This looks fantastic! There's a Mexican restaurant near me that has a citrus salsa that I've loved for a while, but this will come pretty close! I will say, the kiwi or strawberry makes me extra curious. When you use this on pork how do you cook the pork? That sounds like a delicious combination!
    ~Nancy Lewis~

  2. Hello Nancy, I am glad you like this... I typically grill the pork chops or I serve it over with tenderloin in the summers. I just serve it cold on the side. I do not cook it with the pork. It is great just with a bag of chips, too! LOL Thanks for stopping by! :)