June 06, 2011

Silver City, New Mexico...

I love Silver City!  There is an historic district where there are lots of great little shops.  My favorite places to stop are the Herb Shop and the Cooperative.  We were there recently but we were only able to get into town on a Sunday morning.  Most everything is closed on Sundays with the exception of a little bakery that we visited and a few other little restaurant and dine in places so go during the week or on a Saturday to get the full effect.  I did manage to get a few photos while we were there that you might enjoy and when you get to Silver City you must stop into their historic district for an afternoon of shopping, eating and discovering this little treasure of a town in the lower Gila Wilderness area.  

 Enjoying pastries for our "second breakfast" of the day

 Lots of fresh loaves for sale so we took a few home... see the bottom for the ones we took home...

 The pastry window

 The Coop... great goodies inside... a must see

 Bear Creek Herbs is also a must see!

Looking for a cup of coffee???  This is your stop!

 Blake's LottaBurger is a New Mexico tradition

Three delicious loaves to remember the trip... YUM!!!  
A Multigrain Honey, a Black Olive and Feta and a Cranberry and Walnut

One more stop that I love there is a little used bookstore.  It is also on the historic street area.  There is always a little treasure that I find when I go in.  Hope you get to go and discover this great little treasure for yourself someday.  Tell 'em Chef Leann sent you!  LOL  


  1. I love "second breakfast" I think it should become a national institution!

  2. Great blog! Stumbled in after a Google Search for 'Silver City', which is actually a movie theatre chain in Canada.. Go figure!

    Anyhow, I'm a current Chef School student and food enthusiast. Will be sure to bookmark and keep reading. Cheers,