July 24, 2011

Raw Foods Fermentation Class...

 Here is the table set up for our Kimchi lab.  You will see the bowl of veggies and cabbage for the slaw and the crock for the Kimchi.  The container next to that is the Kombucha jar.  The machine at the far right end is her dehydrator.  She will be offering a dehydrator class sometime I am hoping.

 This is what is called a SCOBY...  Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast 

Here is a cool link that tells more about this Kombucha thing and the SCOBY

 This is the Kimchi crock up close and personal.  The thing in the top is the "weight" that keeps the concoction of cabbage and veggies, spices and herbs under liquid during the fermenting process.  

 Another photo of a crock and work station for our class.

 Here is the mixture that went into the crock before sealing it up to ferment.  This process takes weeks to complete.
 Oh, YUM... a jar of chilled Kombucha ready to enjoy during the workshop.

 Here is nice hummus we had during one of our breaks.

 Here is another spread we had on raw dried crackers

 A nut cheese we enjoyed.  For the cheeses we basically soaked and pureed nuts and added probiotics and set in a cheesecloth to drain the liquid over a day or so and then shape and garnish for service.

 Here is the finished sauerkraut being put into jars.  This was one they made ahead to send home with us.  We made one to replace this for them and it would take about a week to ferment.

 More nut cheeses garnished and ready to enjoy

 and another tray of nut raw vegan cheeses

 Our lunch spread.... complete with raw vegan dried patties made with mushrooms, nuts and a variety of herbs and spices.  A little salty for me but that is fixable.  

 Our Fruit Kimchi mixture and then we put it in jars to take home and ferment
on the counter.

We finished the day with a latte made with coffee and almond milk and these delightful raw vegan cookies made with lemon and coconut.  These were fabulous.  The recipe is on the website for the Raw Food Rules group that offered this class.  They have lots of other great recipes to try, too... check them out here!

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