August 17, 2011

As I do my research...

I am learning more about local and state requirements.  This particular law - the Texas Cottage Food Law - has some exciting news for people like me.  It is expensive to start a business and this particular law will save me quite a bit of facility rental and other fees.  I know that it is important to have very sanitary conditions but a law like this would allow me to use a church kitchen that may not necessarily be completely up to specs.  It would allow me to bake in a very clean environment that may not pass the equipment requirements completely and give me time to purchase items as I make money and can afford them.

There are lots of people that have issues with this law and I can see why.  There are many home bakers that are not sanitary.  They have not been to culinary school or through a SafeServ course.  It will certainly have to be regulated to some degree but I am grateful it helps me at this time in my new venture.  I am interested in following the progress of this as they make adjustments and changes to refine it but for now... I will use it to my financial advantage.  I am certainly grateful for such a time as this!  :)  It is in effect as of September 1, 2011... perfect timing don't you think?


  1. I took a quick look at the law; love that it is specific and clear, but still contains a few protections for the consumer (though I'm hoping the warning that the food has not been prepared in a facility inspected by the health department can be worded in a non-yucky sounding way!).

    There is so much regulation research involved in setting up a business, and so many of those regs seem to be written in a language that only looks like english. I spend a great deal of my professional time reading/researching Federal and State tax law...not fun.

    You can do this! God has granted you the incredible ability to nourish people with healthy, great tasting food, and He is able to even cut through government red tape!

  2. Thank you Diane! My next step is to contact the health department to give us a list of necessary upgrades to our church kitchen. I am hoping to be open for baking in September and then add catering as I get the kitchen ready. It certainly is a process! LOL